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Basics of Programming Tuition Classes In Noida Call 9891500587, 9650308924 For The Best Engineering Mathematics-I Subjects Tuition Classes In Noida. Classes are provided by highly qualified faculties. Unit – I Introduction to computers – Computer Organization – Characteristics – Hardware and Software – Modes of operation – Types of programming languages – Developing a program. Unit – II Algorithms – Characteristics – Flowcharts - Principles of Structured programming – Sequential, selective structures - Repetitive structures –Bounded , Unbounded and Infinite iterations – Examples for each. Unit – III Introduction to C – C character set – Identifiers and Keywords – Datatypes – Constants – Variables – Declarations – Expressions – Statements – Symbolic constants – Operators– Library functions – Data input and output: Single character input and output – Entering input data – Writing output data – gets and puts functions. Control statements – Branching: if-else – Looping: while – do-while – for; Nested control structures – switch statement – break statement – continue statement – comma operator – goto statement. Unit – IV Modular Programming – Functions and Procedures – Examples – Parameter passing methods. Unit – V Arrays – Defining an array – Processing an array – Multidimensional arrays-Pointers – Variable definitions and initialization – Pointer operators – Pointer expressions and arithmetic – Pointers and one-dimensional arrays- Functions – Defining a function – Accessing a function – Function prototypes – Passing arguments to a function – Passing arrays to a function – Passing pointers to a function – Recursion. CFA Academy of Career Development is working since 2006, but professionally it was founded in the year 2009 to impart quality based education to the students of colleges and school. CFA Academy is working in the different verticals like M.Tech Tutorial Classes, B.Tech Tutorial Classes, AMIE Tutorial Classes, MCA Tutorial Classes, MBA Tutorial Classes, BCA Tutorial Classes, BBA Tutorial Classes, B. Com Tutorial Classes, BA Tutorial Classes, B.Sc Tutorial Classes, LLB Tuition, Judicial Services Coaching, CBSE Tutorial Classes as well as Computer Courses (C, C++, JAVA, .NET, PHP, Web Designing, Web Development). Our strength is quality based education. Most of the Institute focuses on the quantity, but we believe in Quality.
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